What you can expect of our translations

For us translating means overcoming language barriers and conveying the correct meaning of texts while adapting them to their target audience.

Since a translator normally has the required awareness of the finer nuances only in his or her native tongue, our translations are produced exclusively by translators who are native speakers of the target language.

The aim of our work is create translations in an easily readable, fluent style that are true to the original but do not read like translations, i.e. sound like texts produced by a native speaker.

In the case of technical questions and terminology issues we attach great importance to a close cooperation with our customers. We like to ask questions and favour an open and direct communication so that the result of our work exceeds your expectations.

Quality assurance

As we all know, four eyes see more than two – and this also holds true for the translation process. For this reason every translation is checked and proofread by a second experienced and professional translator before we hand it over to our client. 

Authorised legal translators

We are authorised by the Higher Regional Court of Cologne (OLG Köln) to certify the accuracy and completeness of translations. Hence, you have come to the right place for so-called “certified” document translations as required by public authorities and in an official context, e.g., legal certificates, academic qualifications, court judgments, contracts, police clearance certificates.


Our translation rates are based on the number of lines of the target text. One line consists of 50 characters including spaces and costs from EUR1.30 plus VAT. Please contact us for a free quotation!